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Excellence by Design Education Center (EDEC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Dallas, Texas.  We provide free to low-cost educational programs and supplementary educational services for children, youth, and families who live in underserved, under-resourced communities in Dallas County. Our mission is to promote educational equity by closing the opportunity gap for those who reside in underserved, underresourced communities through programs and services that address academic, social-emotional, cultural, and economic needs.  Our interconnected, interrelated programs include our Reach One Teach One Tutoring Program, STEAM and Literary Creative Art Academy, and our Whole Village Outreach Program. EDEC has a highly experienced and capable team in place, providing it with a solid foundation. This team is supported by a talented Board of Directors and a dedicated team of consultants that provide strategic and tactical guidance. 

As a result of the team, the reach and impact of EDEC have grown tremendously over the last few years.  From a client base of 75 in 2017, EDEC has expanded to nearly 2000 clients in 2020, a nearly 3000% increase.  This success is underscored by the high rating EDEC programs have obtained in Overall Program Satisfaction and Program Quality from key stakeholders and program attendees. Even with these successes, EDEC currently serves only 9%of its target population, providing it with ample opportunity to expand and make a bigger difference in the lives of less privileged youth. EDEC seeks funding to help with programming needs, technology and staffing to meet the increasing needs. 

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