Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute



Beacon Hill offers a weekly Preparatory Academy at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas that provides a structured and accelerated environment to supplement the existing academic curriculum of our students. Initially, the academy was modeled after one of the oldest Chinese schools in the Dallas Metroplex & local Math and Reading Centers. While attending area Chinese schools students work on reading and math at least 1 year above their grade level in a classroom environment. They also offer enrichment classes in Chinese origami, chess, basketball and other activities. At local Math & Reading Learning Centers students work on math and reading in an individualized, self-paced program, but there are no enrichment activities.
At Beacon Hill, we have combined working in an individualized, self-paced program with the goal of our students working and staying well above grade level. In addition, we offer enrichment activities every week such as chess, origami, science, storytelling, introduction to golf, introduction to cooking, etiquette, and art.
The Mission
To provide holistic child development through academic, cultural and life-skill programs with active parental involvement.
The Vision
To build an Education Institute that supplements existing schools systems and prepares families and students for future success.
Beacon Hill Values
At Beacon Hill, we are committed to shared values that define who we are and how we do business today and in the future. These shared values will drive the decisions and actions of our staff and volunteers, and guide us towards the successful fulfillment of our vision and mission.
Sustainable Development Goals
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