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For over twenty years, Developments in Literacy (DIL) has been a pioneer in providing high
quality, low-cost education to children throughout the deprived areas of Pakistan, where low
literacy--especially among young girls and women--keeps families and communities trapped in
an endless cycle of poverty. Almost 23 million children are not in school today.

By bringing quality education and modern technology into the classroom such as tablets and
e-libraries for learning, DIL is shaping the future of these students and their communities.
Rather than build new schools, they partner with the Government of Pakistan to raise the
quality of existing schools. DIL currently operates 168 schools with approximately 60,000

DIL is dedicated to improving the lives of women, which enhances the welfare of entire families
and communities – 63% of their students are girls – significantly higher than the 28% average
reported in rural area schools.

They have also revolutionized the training of teachers from low-income communities so they
can teach in schools throughout the country. More than 22,000 teachers have been trained in
DIL and non-DIL schools.

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