Network Terms of Service

Terms of Service Agreement

I, the Participant, acknowledge that my use of the GivePulse platform (“EngageUTD”) including any volunteer activity organized thereby, shall be as a student, employee or alumni of the University of Texas at Dallas (“UTD”). My personal conduct in utilizing EngageUTD, in scheduling and during volunteer activity participation, will at all times accord with UTD’s Standards of Conduct, found at and, and the highest standards of respect and conscience.

Conduct Standards: I agree that my participation in the Volunteer Program will uphold the following minimal Standards:
1. I will be honest and accurate when providing information regarding my previous education, experience, and achievements.
2. I will be mindful when scheduling my volunteer activities and will accept all opportunities in good faith and with full intention of following through with my commitments.
3. In the event of scheduling conflict, I will provide the organization a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of my inability to honor my committed time.
4. In the event of unexpected emergency or other urgent matter, I will contact and inform the representatives of the organization as immediately as possible.
5. I will dress in attire that is appropriate for the volunteering events that I attend, and I will avoid clothing that contains messages with the potential to offend others.
6. I will behave respectfully of other volunteers, the organization’s members, and individuals participating in the organization’s event.
7. I understand that there might be occasions when community partners will want to record my likeness and voice on a photographic or video medium and to use such for the purpose of promoting or relaying news about their organizations. On such occasions, I will inform the community partners directly whether I will authorize them to do so or not.

Non-compliance or lack of respect for UTD’s Code of Conduct – by attitude or action – may result in immediate and potentially ongoing lack of access to, or removal from, volunteer activities. Violations of these Conduct Standards could also result in a referral to the Dean of Students office or to one’s supervisor.

Purpose and Usage: UTD will be utilizing EngageUTD platform to connect students, faculty, staff and alumni with organizations in need of volunteers. By making volunteer opportunities available, EngageUTD in no way implies endorsement of or affiliation to any organizations or activities specified therein. It is the user’s responsibility to practice due diligence when searching organizations and volunteer opportunities in regards to examining the credentials, reputation, and integrity of each organization and opportunity.

EngageUTD Limitation and Release of Liability: I understand and agree that my participation in the Volunteer Program is purely voluntary, that it is being performed on my own time and that it is not part of any job duties or scope of employment. I accept all possible risks to my health or of injury and death as a result of my participation in the Volunteer Program and will indemnify and hold harmless UTD, all UTD agents and representatives, and the UT System Board of Regents from any and all damages, claims, actions, expense (including but not limited to costs of judgements, settlements, court costs, and attorney’s fees) relating in any way to my use of EngageUTD and participation in the Volunteer Program.

Release of Personal Information: I authorize the information contained in EngageUTD to be viewed by EngageUTD administrators and associated UTD personnel who have completed compliance training.

Accommodations: UTD encourages and welcomes participation for ALL interested students, faculty, staff and alumni. Participants are responsible for arranging transportation to and from selected activities. Participants with disabilities may submit a request for accommodations required for their participation at UTD’s ADA website, by calling (972) 883-5331, or emailing request to

Disclosure: UTD reserves the right to discontinue or to revise the terms and policies of this Agreement. Any revisions made will be posted on the EngageUTD platform and communicated through the Office of Student Volunteerism.